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A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw
that God's truth is attacked and yet would remain silent...John Calvin

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Bosch Fawstin - Muhammad Cartoon

Award Winning Bosch Fawstin entry in the Pamela Geller "Draw Muhammad" contest in Garland, Texas

All existing first-draft chapters and pending chapters, together on one page for ease of use.

The Princess Bride

Me and Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn, servant of the Most High and author of ' The Harbinger', came to Texas on Sunday, April 14, 2013. He gave a wonderful talk which he ended with a blowing of the Shofar and a blessing given in Hebrew. Afterwards he signed autographs and posed for pictures. (Sorry if this one is a little blurry.)

Video Posted 08/30/2014

The current tax system doesn't work. It's time for a new one.

How does Moses make tea?  Hebrews it.

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Article Posted 11/24/2016

According to our National Anthem, Thanksgiving was passed down to us – lest we forget that we are a "Heav'n-rescued land" – lest we forget the "Power that hath made and preserved us as a nation!"

Article Posted 11/24/2016

God answered the prayers of millions of Americans with the election of Donald Trump, but have they really changed? Let's find out if I'm being a party pooper or not.

Article Posted 11/19/2016

Increased alcohol sales lead, slowly but surely, to legalization of marijuana, whether for medical purposes or otherwise. This isn't rocket science; just common sense.

Article Posted 11/12/2016

It appears that we are at a juncture in American history where we’ve lost sight of civility in politics. However, much of it, in Dr Creech's estimation, is the harvest we’ve been sowing for quite a while.

Article Posted 11/5/2016

Too often people think that if they're obeying man's law they're doing the right thing and being moral. This attitudes arises from the universally understood, but often unspoken and unwritten, assumption that man's law and God's Law should be the same.

Article Posted 11/5/2016

This week, The Trump Campaign invited Dr. Mark Creech to give the invocation at the Trump rally in Selma, North Carolina.

Article Posted 11/2/2016

God takes the Ninth Commandment very seriously. I wonder why Christians don't?

Article Posted 10/31/2016

Religious liberty cannot be separated from its Christian roots and survive. Yet today, that is exactly what the secular world is attempting to accomplish, with sexual immorality as the tip of the spear.

Article Posted 10/28/2016

Did you know God outlined a Welfare System in the Bible? He did, and it's amazing in it's simplicity.

Video Posted 10/22/2016

Dr. Creech’s, Evangelical Voter Appeal, about this year’s Presidential election, is presented in both video and manuscript form, on the same page.

Video Posted 10/14/2016

The Ark Encounter, in Williamstown, Kentucky is a life-size, full-scale, 510 foot long replica of Noah's Ark. And it has to be seen to be believed. This thing is HUGE!!


Article Posted 10/8/2016

Barbara Bartocci, a Kansas City inspirational and motivational speaker, once wrote that betrayal can be like an earthquake. 'The very ground beneath you is suddenly unstable,' she said. Christians and modern politics can be much the same.


Article Posted 9/24/2016

A modern parable about politicians and the choices they make, the eternal consequences and how it's a reflection of our own choices.

Article Posted 9/22/2016

Although most people know the story of Samson and his great strength, usually focusing on his downfall because of his consorting with Delilah, I much prefer the story of Manoah and his wife, Samson's parents.

Article Posted 9/18/2016

Most people look at the crisis in Hillary’s health and either want to downplay it, or are delighted that she finally seems to be exposed as karma kicks in. But there’s a constitutional crisis looming and our country is heading toward the biggest morass of all time.

Article Posted 9/15/2016

How do Christians carry out the Great Commission during a time of increasing darkness and sin, when America is past the point of no return in it's crash and fall from greatness?

Article Posted 9/14/2016

When Christians, through lack of love or lack of knowledge, mis-use Scripture in support of secular goals, even if unintentionally or by accident, the result is never pretty.

Video Posted 9/11/2016

Lessons learned from the story of Joseph in the Book of Genesis, have applications to our lives today, especially when we take unpopular positions in the Church

Article Posted 9/10/2016

Should Christians mix politics and preaching? CAN they be mixed? What does the Bible say?

Article Posted 9/7/2016

1st Corinthians 6:1-5, with a quick detour to Exodus and 2nd Timothy, forms the basis for church self-government and problem solving.

Article Posted 9/5/2016

Incest in Islam is sanctioned by the Quran and codified in the Sharia, in direct opposition to the Bible and all common sense across the ages.

Article Posted 9/4/2016

God has filed legal charges against America, the same ones He filed against Israel in Hosea 4:1-2; and for exactly the same reasons. It's time to start lighting some candles.

Article Posted 9/03/2016

On Labor Day, we paradoxically celebrate labor with rest, forgetting that God gave us labor as a gift, not as a punishment or trial.

Article Posted 8/31/2016

Christians have dual citizenship; we're citizens of the Kingdom of God and we're citizens of the worldly country we live in. And we have responsibilities in each.

Video Posted 8/30/2016

There now is no real question about the demented nature of the leftist mind. Sally Kohn, a liberal commentator and open lesbian, says that Islamic Sharia Law is 'Progressive.'

Article Posted 8/27/2016

During the first century, Christians were thrown to the lions in the Roman coliseums. In the clutches of these mighty creatures, they were eaten alive for keeping their faith in Christ’s Lordship. Modern Christians are facing increasing persecution as well.

Article Posted 8/27/2016

Incidences of incest are on the rise, in America, and around the world. Not only are the number of incest cases exploding, the participants are now demanding their 'right' to indulge in it! What's going on?

Article Posted 8/27/2016

When I'm doing my daily Bible reading, things pop into my mind along the way; like a running commentary in my head. Here are the ones that came up on Thursday.

Article Posted 8/23/2016

The most famous answer Jesus ever gave to a question, isn't an answer at all. It's a parable.

Article Posted 8/20/2016

Contrary to common thought, man is not merely a highly evolved animal, but a creature specially created in the image of God. He has a soul that is dependent on God, his maker, as a tree is upon water.

Article Posted 8/20/2016

Like a small child staring in wide-eyed fascination at their first circus parade full of new sights and sounds and smells, with exotic animals from far away places, I'm constantly amazed at how alive and relevant God's Word is on a daily basis.

Article Posted 8/19/2016

All the proud men refuse to obey God because they think they know better. But 'pride goeth before the fall' and they're in for a rude awakening.

Article Posted 8/18/2016

The story of the city of Sardis, as well as the church there to whom Jesus sent His letter, is one of a bright beginning followed by decline and decay, not once, but over and over and over again.

Article Posted 8/15/2016

Our East Coast contributor, Georgann Ryan (aka Internet Pilgrim), brings you a first-hand report from a Trump rally in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Article Posted 8/14/2016

In a 'progressive world' gone mad for the the future and always moving toward it, without reference to what has gone before, or even much care for it; there are voices from the past carrying a timeless message if we only on listen to them.

Article Posted 8/11/2016

The security and well-being of a nation, it's wealth and prosperity, can be the most inescapable trap of all. America is caught in such a trap, and most people don't even know it.

Article Posted 8/9/2016

Endless reams have already been written about who to vote for in the upcoming election this November, most of them written from some kind of moral 'high horse.' Let's bring it down to the ground and get a little more simple, shall we?

Article Posted 8/7/2016

Michael Snyder, a reporter and lawyer (another one!) has just published a book called ' The Rapture Verdict' arguing against a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, and denigrating anyone who believes in it. He needs to be refuted and here it is.

Article Posted 8/7/2016

In the Bible we read again and again about people rebelling against God, rejecting His authority and refusing to follow His Commandments, His Laws and His Ordinances. Did you ever wonder why anyone could be so stupid as to rebel against God? Here's why.

Article Posted 8/6/2016

Does Hillary Clinton know what America's motto really is? And what difference at this point does it make?

Article Posted 8/6/2016

Numbers 15:16 is a fascinating verse that separates the true believers from the fakes, especially when it comes to Islam in America or Israel. There is only one law and one custom – for everyone.

Article Posted 8/4/2016

The United States Supreme Court in a 5-3 ruling, blocked the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in G.G. v. Gloucester County School Board. Here is a brief, Biblical statement about that ruling.

Video Posted 8/3/2016

A 51 second video that shows you what I really think about the media.

Article Posted 8/1/2016

Isn't it amazing how 'coincidences' happen for Christians? Of course, they're not really coincidences at all are they? They're signs from the Holy Spirit; signs we should pay attention to. I had one happen this morning.

Article Posted 7/30/2016

Should Christians drink or not drink? Leaving aside the Scriptural arguments, a good case can be made – 50 reasons worth! – why Christians shouldn't drink; why no one should drink.

Article Posted 7/29/2016

Liberals don't understand patriotism or the flag; consequentially they don't understand when to display them or how much is enough. So they wind up over-compensating and looking ridiculous.

Article Posted 7/27/2016

When U.S. District Judge David Bunning ordered Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis to sign a marriage certificate for two men, he was ordering her to commit a sin. If she had challenged it on those terms, the outcome would have been far different.

Article Posted 7/24/2016

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the most expensive, most fought over, most coveted piece of ground on planet Earth. But did the Temple really stand there? Or somewhere else close by?

Article Posted 7/23/2016

The NBA is trying to blackmail legislators in North Carolina into repealing a law that upholds God's morality as laid out in the Bible.

Video Posted 7/21/2016

Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump during his speech to the Republican National Convention, and everyone went ballistic. But all he did was defend his wife like any good husband should do.

Article Posted 7/21/2016

The Church at Thyatira is the prophetic forerunner of sexual immorality in the modern world, and the modern Church. But it also foreshadows our co-rulership with Christ.

Article Posted 7/16/2016

When government overreaches, and giant companies join with it, in pursuit of an immoral objective that would violate the personal belief of those who are harming no one, that is the very definition of of tyranny.

Article Posted 7/15/2016

A Muslim catches Sudden Jihad Syndrome (SJS) in Nice, France and drives his truck through a crowded Promenade along the beach where thousands were celebrating Bastille Day, French Independence Day. Naturally Islam had nothing to do with it.

Article Posted 7/12/2016

Scripture from the Holy Bible is only intended for those who believe in Almighty God, but Liberals on the political Left like to pervert it and misquote it to support positions God never intended. There's only supposed to be one law for the stranger and the native-born alike.

Article Posted 7/09/2016

Trusting God has become such a huge problem in America today that law-and-order has gone into a death spiral, much as pilots used to do when they didn't trust the gyro-horizon instruments in the cockpit. Tragedy is always the end result of such lack of trust and faith.

Article Posted 7/6/2016

When FBI Director James Comey went before the American public to announce they would not be recommending charges against Hillary Clinton (D) it was the death knell for the rule of law in this country. How should Christians respond? The answer may surprise you.

Article Posted 7/5/2016

The vast wasteland of television with it's derogatory depictions of Christianity, almost universally obscene or borderline obscene shows, boring docudramas, repetitive mini-series, endless commercials, vapid reality TV, and consistently left-leaning news programming, is done.

Article Posted 7/1/2016

The Church at Pergamos was the Compromising Church. They compromised with pagan cults and idols. In history, the Church at Pergamos represents the Roman Catholic Church which compromised with, and became married to, the Roman Empire.

Video Posted 6/26/2016

On Thursday, June 23, 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union and a lot of self-appointed elites are surprised by the results. But I'm not surprised and neither are most other ordinary folks. For us it was a slam dunk.

Article Posted 6/26/2016

To hear Democrats tell it, guns are monstrous beings who can jump up and kill people willy-nilly without any warning. They even had a sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives against those evil guns. But are guns really the worst things out there?

Article Posted 6/23/2016

Democrats in Washington D.C. are reenacting the glory days from their college years by staging a sit-in protest on the floor of the House of Representatives in favor of a bill to strip American citizens of their Constitutional rights. If they want to act like spoiled brats, maybe we should treat them like that.

Article Posted 6/21/2016

A lesbian writer in the New York Times opinion pages wants Christians to repent of their standards which she says led to the attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. She wants what she wants and she wants it now.

Article Posted 6/20/2016

The Church at Smyrna, which means bitterness, is the only letter to the Seven Churches that doesn't contain a rebuke. They were doing everything right because they were under such intense persecution they knew they couldn't make it without Jesus.

Article Posted 6/18/2016

The Gospel of Luke, chapter 15:11-24, records one of the most sublime stories Jesus ever told, The Prodigal Son. On this Father's Day it helps to remember that story is really as much about God, the Father, as it is about a prodigal.

Article Posted 6/17/2016

Jesus will be returning as the – untamed – Lion of Judah, fierce in form and power. He's still Jesus though, still kind and wanting everyone to be saved. He tells John to write to seven churches with words of warning.

Video Posted 6/14/2016

Obama doesn't understand why people want him to talk about Radical Islam. So I give him some school'in and some scold'in.

Article Posted 6/14/2016

The Book of Revelation starts with an encounter between Jesus and the Apostle John, but this isn't the Jesus you're used to. No, no. This is JESUS, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Lion of Judah in all His untamed glory.

Article Posted 6/13/2016

Americans have 50 new reasons to support the Second Amendment to the Constitution: the fifty people who were killed by Omar Mateen at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Article Posted 6/11/2016

Churches are empty! Last year the Pew Research Center reported the percentage of American adults over 18 who self-identify as Christian dropped by 8 points, 78.4% to 70.6%, from 2000 to 2014, AND a rise in the percentage of adults who no longer associate with any religious faith by nearly 7 points, from 16.1% to 22.8%. What's going on?

Article Posted 6/9/2016

I've struggled, struggled greatly, with a message God gave me; a message that has many people thinking I'm giving up on America, quitting and throwing in the towel. But how can you give up on something that's already over?

Article Posted 6/8/2016

Revelation was written by the Apostle John. Most Christians are familiar with Peter, but what sort of man was John? What was he like? What was he trying to accomplish? Let's take a brief look at the man before we delve into his writing.

Article Posted 6/6/2016

The New York City Commission on Human Rights has issued a 'fact sheet' on transgenderism that has to be read to be believed. They're trying to solve a problem by defining it out of existence.

Article Posted 6/4/2016

The pre-tribulation rapture of the church shouldn't be anything more complicated than following the clear meaning of Scripture, yet somehow it's become one of the most controversial subjects in all of Christendom. Let's examine it shall we?

Article Posted 6/4/2016

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, 'All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere fundamentals is surrender. For it is all give and no take.'

Article Posted 6/1/2016

Several years ago I taught an adult Sunday School class on the End Times. God wants me to post the information from those classes for you to learn from and use. We can also discuss it online after each posting.

Article Posted 5/28/2016

One of the greatest questions in Christendom revolves around whether or not God's love for us is unconditional. But the question is misleading because it makes assumptions about the word 'unconditional' that are unwarranted at best, misleading and unbiblical at worst.

Article Posted 5/28/2016

Faced with the choice of dying or cutting off his own hand, climber Aron Ralston, trapped alone in Utah’s Blue John Canyon, made the hard decision that his life was more important than his hand. Does America face the same kind of choice between sin and life?

Video Posted 5/25/2016

Obama likes to use his pen and phone to issue executive orders for an end-run around Congress. His latest orders public schools to open their bathrooms to 'transgenders' or loose their federal funding. But those orders are written on paper – that burns.

Article Posted 5/25/2016

Big, overbearing government isn't the only thing We The People have to worry about these days. We also have to worry about Big Business in the shape of Microsoft and their attempts to force Windows 10 down everyone's throat.

Article Posted 5/23/2016

In an age when Obama thinks he can just order people around with the stroke of a pen and even school bathrooms aren't beyond his reach, homeschooling is the only sensible option for Christians.

Article Posted 5/21/2016

In the Bible God makes promises, promises He will keep in His time on His schedule. Even in these dark and evil times we can take comfort in them while we wait for them to come to pass.

Video Posted 5/17/2016

The Little Sisters of the Poor are in a legal battle over whether the government can force religious organizations such as them to provide contraception coverage in their health plans if that coverage violates sincerely held beliefs. On Monday the Supreme Court decided not to decide.

Video Posted 5/15/2016

Two men are vying for the future of the United States of America; Barack Hussein Obama and Jesus Christ. Obama is the son of a Muslim. Jesus is the Son of God.

Article Posted 5/14/2016

It’s not uncommon for people to build themselves up before others by either stretching the truth or being downright deceitful. When people are in the grips of some illegitimate pursuit, such as pushing transgenderism, they can rationalize almost anything.

Video Posted 5/8/2016

The Burden Against America is a prophecy that comes from God and once we accept it, there are consequences that result from it, things we must do in response.

Article Posted 5/7/2016

A politician is a man whose supreme passion is to win and hold office. He is willing to pay just about any price to be elected. Once in power, his one question is how he can stay there.

Article Posted 5/6/2016

A man's Facebook rant against Christians triggered a conversation between me and my wife, leading her to make a wonderfully appropriate statement about the current uproar over 'transgender' men using women's bathrooms.

Article Posted 5/5/2016

A prophetic warning of danger to the United States of America, a country that has turned it's back on God but wants His blessings anyway.

Article Posted 5/3/2016

1st Peter 3:15 is a famous verse often quoted and used by evangelists and others, but there's more depth to it than most people realize.

Video Posted 5/1/2016

Target has been violating God's Word in Deuteronomy 22:5, which says women wearing men's clothes and vise versa is an abomination. Lately they've doubled down by letting men use women's bathrooms. A boycott isn't enough. We need action.

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