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Me and Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn, servant of the Most High and author of 'The Harbinger', came to Texas on Sunday, April 14, 2013. He gave a wonderful talk which he ended with a blowing of the Shofar and a blessing given in Hebrew. Afterwards he signed autographs and posed for pictures. (Sorry if this one is a little blurry.)

Video Posted 08/30/2014

The current tax system doesn't work. It's time for a new one.

How does Moses make tea?  Hebrews it.
At the Creation Museum in Tennessee with my wife and grandson.

Article Posted 10/24/2018

God always punishes persistent unfaithfulness and America is no exception. Can anyone honestly argue that America hasn't sinned against God by persistent unfaithfulness?

Article Posted 10/06/2018

What the HEC(k) is going on in America these days? Have you ever found yourself wondering that? If so, you're in good company.

Article Posted 9/29/2018

The confirmation battle over Judge Brett Kavanaugh ISN't about Kavanaugh.

Article Posted 8/22/2018

Are there scoffers in America? Yes, and they're not our friends.

Article Posted 6/20/2018

A scary prediction for America's future.

Article Posted 6/6/2018

Is a little girl suffering from a dog bite, waiting endlessly in a hospital to see a doctor, the “least of these”? If not, who is?

Article Posted 05/23/2018

After Trump's election when a prophecy about his election came to pass, many preachers, pastors, and ministers began declaring that Trump is 'God's man' in the White House. But for what?

Article Posted 04/29/2018

When most people think of monopolies they think of financial monopolies in the world of business, but there are other kinds of monopolies too – political, religious, and social.

Article Posted 04/4/2018

It's come to my attention that my previous article, Resisting God, may not have been clear on the authority possessed by We the People under Romans 13 in our Constitutional Republic, so I'm writing this second part in an effort to clear up any misunderstandings.

Article Posted 03/25/2018

America was the first country in history to begin with the people creating the government instead of a king, dictator, or conqueror. God's principles and precepts were involved and became the bedrock for our nation, but with We the People as the worldly authority rather than a king.

Article Posted 03/24/2018

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